My mother still went out to work under my grandmother's guidance, mainly to fight pig grass. She didn't make any more trouble. I remember that I was hungry for a winter day in the third grade of primary school. Suddenly it rained in the sky. Grandma asked her mother to send me an umbrella. My mother may have fallen all the way. She looks like a mud monkey. She stands by the window of the classroom and looks at me with a smirk. She also says: "tree Umbrella... " Some of my classmates giggled. I was on pins and needles. I hated my mother's teeth. I hated her for not knowing her face. I hated her for humiliating me. I hated fan Jiaxi who took the lead in making a fuss. When he was still exaggerating to imitate, I grabbed the stationery box in front of me and smashed it at him, but Van Jiaxi avoided. He rushed to me and grabbed my neck. We tore and fought. I'm small, not his opponent at all. I'm easily pressed on the ground by him. At this time, I only heard the "ouch" from the outside of the classroom. My mother ran in like a great Xia, grabbed fan Jiaxi and dragged him outside. It's true that crazy people are strong. Mother hands will bully my fan Jiaxi to the mid air, he was scared to cry dad and shout mother, a pair of chubby legs in the air kicking. My mother ignored him and threw him into the pond at the school gate. Then she walked away with indifference. My mother has made a big disaster for me, but she seems to be OK. In front of me, my mother recovered a timid look and looked at me pleasantly.